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Versus 12 - Mike Haggar

Mayor Mike Haggar from Final Fight. Former pro wrestler turned mayor too. Only in video games can you find stuff like that. Only in video games. Gotta admire a mayor that solves the crime problem... WITH HIS FISTS.


Versus 11 - Thor

And we're back with the versus. But wait. why is this versus 11? Wasn't the last one 9? There is a 10. I just haven't posted it yet. Long story.

ANYWAY. Thor. Yes this isn't my first stab at Thor, but it was Scott's Choice. I'm pretty happy with this one. I removed the winged helmet because to be honest, done that already. So yeah, I'm pleased with it overall.


Special - Mike Dodd Geek Fight Card

This wasn't done in 30 Minutes, NOR was it done on the back of a business card. Or in a battle with Scott. Why is it here then? Because it looks Sweet. And I drew it. Technically that's all I should need. So! What's it for? It's a drawing of Mike The Birdman Dodd, from This week in Geek for the Geek fight card game. Enough links for you in one sentence? Perhaps! So why is the saber of light (don't sue) only half way up the image? Because that portion of it will be cropped off the card. Like so:

So where can you get this wonderful Card? Fanexpo I think. So yes. There you go. New Versus later today.


Serious Business 11 - Cable

Cable is dead. So I drew him. Fun Fact: the yellow around the eye, Highlighter.


Serious Business 10 - Predator

Can you tell what Movie I'm looking forward to? I scanned this one rather than photograph it to see how different it would look. Better or worse?


Serious Business 9 - For the Honour of Helgan

I've always loved the killzone badguys. They just look so awesome. And Evil. Awesomely evil.


Versus 9 - Marshall Law

What we have here... is a failure to communicate.

So I'm gonna let you into the behind the scenes process of how Versus is done. My good pal Scott Hume and I pick a character and then we both draw that character in our own styles. It's timed and it takes approximately 45 minutes for us to do the drawings. We take turns picking the subject of the versus as well. Last week was my choice, so that left this week's choice to Scott. Now Scott and I don't see each other's Drawings until they're finished, Scott usually not seeing mine until I post them here. Well with a world of pop culture with many characters with similar names it was bound to happen. Scott picked "Marshall Law" as this week's topic.

So I drew Marshall Law.

And Scott, he drew Marshall Law.

Two totally different characters with the exact same name. When I opened the e-mail from Scott all I could do was laugh. I wonder what he'll have to say when he sees this.

As for my drawing I'm pretty happy with it. I finished the basic body pretty fast so with the extra time I went back and drew the Dragon background which looks pretty good. I can't really compare it to Scott's though hahaha. Back to my choice. Let's see if I can pick something we'll be on the same page about!


Serious Business 8 - Still Peace Walkin'

Guess what. I Love Metal Gear Solid. Here's some proof as i sketch back to back Snake's for you. This one is done entirely with brush pens. Looks good I say.


Versus 8 - Carnage

Another Day, another Versus. This one is Carnage the ever popular Venom spinoff. I know scott wasn't exactly happy with his, and mine well, I'm not sure how i Feel. to me, it's missing something. What, I don't know, but something about it just doesn't jive with me. Ah well. Can't win em all.


He really should be wearing a helmet

All together now: "FINALLY". This is the first TRUE 30 minutes of Fury to be posted since March. and again, it's another request. The request was "Jesus playing guitar riding a bomb shaped like the cross". Pretty self explanitory. For the most part, no problems. The falling lines did work out exactly as I planned though. Overall, pretty happy with this one.