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Finish Him!

Shao khan from Mortal Kombat. didn't have time to scan it so you get a photo. It's not too bad. Could have used more detail but I ran out of time. That does happen from time to time. What can I say about what I was able to do? The muscles are a little meh. Maybe if I had drawn more past the biceps the proportions might've made A little more sense. Once I was able to get the mask right that accomplished a lot. Yay!


Uncharted Week! pt 5

Nathan Drake, take 2. Much better attempt than the previous clearly. The face actually isn't a bad likeness at all too the character. I wanted to spend a lot of time on the the face since I didn't quite get it right last time. His eyes may be a touch to big. Overall, I like this pic.


Uncharted Week! pt 4

Chloe Frazer from Uncharted 2. Mixed fellings about this one. In the game she has unnaturally light eyes for someone with skin and hair as dark as hers. I think I got that to translate here which probably is why something about this drawing irks me. It's almost unsettling. Proportions are fine. Despite the laziness of the gun the left hand looks fine. Right hand is ugh. I dunno. I can't say if I like it or hate it. It's just kind of there. Maybe because yesterday was so awesome.


Uncharted Week! pt 3

The villain of Uncharted 2. Named... um... let me go google that guy. Zoran Lazarević. There we go. Like I'd ever be able to pull that off. Anyway, The dude has a very badly scarred (or burned, it's never explained) I think it came off very well in the drawing. Even in the way there's only a partial eyebrow. Rather than do the black box thing I tried to do something a little different and draw like... Aztecish things. Using my whiteout pen I did that, and well... mixed results. It would look great if the pen hadn't oozed crappily or clogged up. I need better materials. Ah well.


Uncharted Week! pt 2

Victor Sullivan, or Sully, depending on who you talk to. This turned out very clean I think. Clean as in it doesn't look like there's anything I screwed up. Cigar chompin' Sully at his finest.


Uncharted Week! pt 1

God do I love Uncharted 2. It's so well written and the characters are so likable that I just had to hit a character from it. I couldn't decide who though. I had a request for Nathan Drake, but I just did him recently. While that drawing was okay, I was more happy with the skeleton in the background than with Drake himself. So as I was going throughout the list of characters I couldn't tell who I wanted to do more. So Screw it! I'm gonna do them all.
First up, Elena Fisher. One of the few returning characters from the first this is her in her journalist outfit from the second game. Overall, it's not bad. But there's something wrong with the face. The eyes are a little too far apart or the nose is too stubby. One or the the other. Or both even. I also screwed up the one hand that did get inked a bit. But unless you're new to seeing these things you know hands aren't my forte. But this is. Okay that was lame.


My Little War Torn Pony

Another by request topic. I don't know what to say about this one. It accomplishes exactly what it set out to do. It's a My little pony dressed up like Rambo. Mission accomplished.