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VERSUS - 3 - Adam Strange

Another Versus between myself and Mr. Scott Hume. This one was is choice, Adam Strange. I admit I wasn't 100% familiar with the character. I knew he was a DC character and he was like he "space opera" guy. There's a lot of different versions of him, and I went with one of the more modern takes. Not bad. I Got a good chunk of use out of my White out pen on the star field. I actually like that most of all. I tried to add this shine to his costume that I don't think I accomplished very well. Also, my jetpack flames suck balls. I ran out of room on the bottom of the page, and rather than do the smart thing and just kind of let his legs trail off into space I drew them there. All stubby like. Nice job me.


A Cold One

Arthas, the Lich King from World of Warcraft (per James' Request). The Helmet came out pretty good. The rest of it is pretty meh. I should have known though. Drawing something in half an hour that's as detailed as this. So I'm missing a couple of skulls. Like 12. It's not too bad. but It could have had more. Still. Helmet = Coolness.


I Am Iron Man

While not badly drawn at all It's a very boring pose. There's a few mistakes if you look at it. Like part of the face isn't symmetrical at all. Also, the thin lines on the chest plate were crapped up. I was trying to draw them thin, and I just ended up having to draw over it more than once. Once again, the black cube. Makes it pop I'm telling you. Murder on the Sharpies though :P



Pretty pleased with this Victor Von Doom. My only really problem I have with it is I put too much shadow on the bottom of the Jaw. He has kind of a Ventriloquist dummy thing going for him. I did that box thing in the back. It seems to make the image pop more I dunno why. I spent a lot of time on te mask. That's why there is only the shoulders and head... of Doom!


God of Bent Hammers

Ah the Mighty Thor. The Hammer. Oh god look at the Hammer. Terrible angle. What was I thinking? Well, I think I know the whole problem with that is My blue lead ran out and I didn't have a chance to draw it before it was inked. That's why it sucked. Boo urns for that. Also, the eyes are a little too large. Otherwise I think the face is fine. I actually tried to mimic this artist's style of face. I can't remember his name though. Otherwise I'm pretty cool with this. Verily.


Calling Officer Emo

Leon From Resident Evil 2. Personally I hate what they did with this character of the years. They made him so emo it's not even funny. His first appearance in RE 2 I still think was the best one. Of course they're putting the emo style Leon into RE2 in RE: Darkside Chronicles. Anyways, that's my Rant. Anyways Onto the the Drawing. Right hand is crap. Gun is crap. and hips seems really wide. Not really planned that way. Ah well. And why is his trigger finger so stumpy?


Starsss Pt 2

BAM! Part 2 Of the Nemesis from Resident Evil 3. Quite happy with this one. The only real problem I have is with the left hand (on your right). It was originally an entirely different hand that looked like shit and I ended up erasing that hand and drawing a new one. While better than the first hand it was rushed and it shows.