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Better Business

In Almost a sequel to yesterdays pic, here is regular Kazuya. Once again, no time to scan, but this pic was taken with my blackberry so looks even worse. I'll get some scans in there eventually. Again, limited time, so no commentary. Overall, not too bad.



Devil Kazuya from Tekken. No time for commentary tonight. Overall, happy with this



After yesterday's travesty this one turned out pretty good. It's Ryu from Street Fighter. ZOMG. It's okay. Light years above yesterday but overall okay. His fist is too big though... ah well.


Epic Fail.

Wow. This sucks so hard. This was supposed to be Vega from Street Fighter. Where to begin with what's wrong with this? Well, let's start where I started. The head. Mask blows. The eyeholes look like crappy triangles. The hair makes the head look to big you know what screw going over the entire thing. It's all bad. Terrible. Worst thing I've posted on this blog, let's move on.