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Nicholas Cage sold seperately.

Remember back when I said I was going to do Ghost rider and then did Red skull instead for that lighting experiment? Well I still had a jonesing for some Ghost Rider action and Bam! There he is. As you can see I ran out of time and didn't finish the jacket. I could have done a better job on the fire but then I don't draw fire a lot. So yeah. there we are. Oddly though I left the second part of the jaw out. Didn't notice. Weird.


Slippery when wet

Ah Ranma. I've been reading a ton of my old Ranma 1/2 comics and felt inspired to draw female Ranma. For those uninitiated with Ranma 1/2, Ranma the male main character of the story turns into a girl when splashed with cold water, and hot water turns him back to normal. I didn't do the lipstick thing I've been trying with my female characters lately because Well Ranma in most cases doesn't play up his femininity and dresses as he would as a male and doesn't hit up make up or anything like that. Overall I'm pretty pleased with this one. The right fist is kindacrap, but the left hand isn't one of those meaty mitts I'm known for doing. Hoo rah!


And the Quarterback is toast

Ah the Fettman. Boba fett to be sure. Nothing special here, just a bust of the Boba. I think I should have scaled back a bit on the paint chip areas, but I actually used a Boba Fett action figure for reference. And i some instances, you'd think I didn't put enough on him. For the most part, yays! No major negative criticisms on my part for once.


King of the Iron Fist

HeiHachi Mishima from Tekken. Tekken 6 is coming out soon and I'm pretty excited about that. Thus this drawing. Unfortunately you can't really tell thanks to the blue pencil, but there was a left am. Part of the reason there is no inked arm in the drawing is because I was never really happy with how it looked. I went back to it several times trying to fix it. you can't see any of that though. But hey, that's why I buy blue pencils. Because they don't show up. I was really happy with how the face turned out though. The whole head actually. Yay! Rest of it? Meh. Right hand actually turned out okay. ZOMG FINGERNAILS!


Dasvidanya Commrade

Ah Omega Red. One of my favorite X Villains. It seems like I was trying to recapture the greatness that was the Kratos sketch, but failed on the repeat performance. I dunno. It just seems like there's nothing too special about it at all. I ran out of time that's why the total lack of hand. Nothing really else to say about it.


Roll Out

Optimus Prime! Kind of a weird Hybrid Optimus. and I don't mean that in an "electric car" sort of way. The face is pretty much the 80s cartoon face. I was watching season one a lot at the time of the drawing. But on my shelf is a "classic" style Optimus. That's what i used as the body reference. I used part of the face design in my Optimus as well. I still think James said it best in what's wrong with this one. Head's too big. Not ridiculous, but enough that it makes the body look to small.


A Truly inFamous character...

Cole from the PS3 game infamous. Not bad. clearly not finished. Only so much you can do in thirty mins. The glove should be filled in and there only seems to be shadow on his face! Probably because that was as far as I got done with that. What do I think about it? for the most part it's pretty good. The hand could be better, but by now we all know that's my weakness. It seems like the eyes are too big for the face. At least that's what I think.