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Versus 6 - Galactus

WOW! Was this one ever a challenge. It was my choice too. There's a damn good reason there's not colour in this one, and it boils down to detail and time. There's so much to Galactus I just didn't have a chance to even try to colour it. Also, there was supposed to be stars on the black, it wasn't supposed to be just a solid black bg. That big white empty space was supposed to contain a clenched Galactus fist. Once again, Time. Keep in mind these are timd battles, 45minutes for both of us. Scott had it right to include as little detail as possible on his helmet.

And finally Scott also has a new blog where he posts his other stuff. You can find that here.


Serious Business 5 - Deadpool

Oh look it's the Merc with a mouth. Good times.And he's in full colour! Glorious!


Serious Business 4 - Aquagirl

This one's for you Blanchard. It's Aquagirl from Batman Beyond.


Serious Business 3 - Kratos

Well I beat God of War one today in the God of War Collection. I beat it years ago when it first came out as well. I was all psyched to draw Kratos afterwards. So I did.