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Circa 2005

I was reading through a friend's old comic. I was inspired to draw one of his characters. It looks like I drew the whole thing with a pen that was one thickness only. Hmm. I think my brush pen experiment may be over.


Don't Fear the Ripper

Another day, another 30 minutes of Fury. This time, The Grim Ripper from Guitar Hero gets the fury treatment. With the exception of the left foot, I really like this one. I have no complaints. Actually no wait, that's a crappy looking guitar pick he has there. Oh yes, and that guitar is floating, just like it does in the game. Hooray!


A Return to Form

Since I've started posting again, this is the first true 30 minute sketch I've done. Hooray! I think it turned out pretty well. When I was thinking about what I should draw I had just watched the Metal Gear 20th Anniversary Video. Made me have a hankerin' for some MGS character sketching. I was going to do Snake since it's been so long since I've done him, but looking at the blog thus far, I haven't drawn a single female character, so I put Snake on the hold list for now and threw down on this Meryl in the same brush pen/blue pencil style I've done on the last few.

Her head seems too big now that I look at it. But not because her hair is huge, it's supposed to be huge. It just seems like the face looks big you know? Oh well. It's why I'm doing this, to get better right? Oh, and the gun look ricockulously bad. I had no reference to speak of.