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Ah Cobra Commander. any different variations of this character, but I decided to go with my favorite, Ultimate evil version. Badass. Anyways what to say about the drawing? well the fact that the i made the mistake of going with the all black shiny version i didn't accomplish a whole lot of work on the character. himself because I spent more time markering him up. Possibly a part two is needed.


Dead or Alive you're coming with me

I love Robocop. I try all the time to sneak him into conversation at random. I don't know why I love Robocop, but I do. The design is awesome too. So bam! Here's Robocop. There I didn't finish this quite obviously There's an entire arm and gun missing from the pic. perhaps a part 2? we'll see. overall, I like this pic. the only thing wrong is that it ain't finished.


You wouldn't Like me when I'm slightly irritated

Hulk, but an odd looking Hulk. First off, Giant fist. Terrible. Hulk looks more ape like than I'd have liked. That happens though depending on the artist. His lips are a little big and he has a whole bit of mop top going on. I should have tried the movie version with longer hair. Too bad. Hey look! It's scanned and not a crappy photo!