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Serious Business 2 - Rainy Mike 2K10

Kind of a play on my old "mike in the rain" image from the comic. It was pissing down when I drew this. thus the inspiration.


Versus - 5 - Judge Dredd


*Ahem* Sorry bout that... I was channeling the Stallone movie there. Anyway another battle has been waged between myself and Scott, and this time it was over Judge Dredd from the 2000 a.d. Comic. I really liked this one I must say. Even the colours look decent ooutsife of a few mistakes I made on the helmet. Something I missed in my drawing that Scott's has is the lightning bolt pattern of the shine. It shows up in every picture I used for reference so I don't know how I missed it. But whatever. Otherwise it's a good pic. Just ignore that I got lazy and made the gun solid black out of laz... That is to say, out of lack of timing.

Serious Business 1 - Wolverine

So I've decided to start doing this new thing. I have a huge pile of old business cards I can't use so i've decided to start drawing on the back of them. It doesn't take particularly long to do. For example, this quick Wolverine close up took five minutes to throw together:

I can bust these out in good time between the versus battles with Scott and regular 30 minutes of Fury entries. Also I can do whatever on them, it doesn't even need to be a person. Because it's such a small size i can experiment without major difficulty. So look for more Serious Business uploads soon! (other stuff is coming too. Like a new versus very soon)