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VERSUS - 1 - Green Goblin

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Get away from this Drawing you BITCH!

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Sorry. Was very pressed for time and wanted to make sure I got something posted.

Today's subject: the Alien Queen from um.. well Aliens. And AVP 1. The visual reference for this was actually an action figure. Why they make toys for Horror movies I'll never know. Anyways, What to say about this pic? I was pretty happy with it. I knew that there'd be no point in trying to colour it all in black.


Two fer

X-23, the female clone of Wolverine. Yes I know, I did wolverine yesterday. Must have him on the brain I guess. Not too bad. More or less it's the two drawings from the days before! There's the shininess of the black Psylocke costume and the continuing lip experiment (little too full this time maybe). Proportions are okay, Hands could definitely use some work, but then hands have always been a weakness of mine. The most amazing thing about this drawing is that I only did it in Twenty minutes. What was I doing for the first ten? This:
There was no way I could continue with this one. Posture is F'ed. Face is F'ed/ Hair is F'ed. I tried to save it. Didn't go well. With 20 mins to go, I flipped the page and started over again. Much better result.


The best there is at what I do. And what I do is apparently not this.

Oh look. Wolverine. HOW ORIGINAL. Yes yes I know I draw Wolverine a fair bit and on this blog alone this is the second time. But it's out of costume Wolverine! And I never draw that! So justified.

SO what can I say about this one besides it's clearly not something I was able to finish in thirty minutes. I dunno. There's a few things weird with it. Like how I clearly changed the style of hair on the arms for different parts of the body. Nice jorb. Also, can you tell I just kinda breezed over the belt? what the hell is that supposed to be? I know, but can you tell?


X marks the giant belt

Psylocke from the X-men. I am very happy with this one. Why? LIPS. Normally I shy away from them because I always screw them up. Since the whole point of this blog is a practice thing i decided to throw them in. Apparently I need some new sharpies as you can see where I started to run out of ink. Also I waited too long into the drawing to do the chest portion (ie: boobs) of the pic. you can see I didn't quite finish in time. Also I wasn't really sure how the shading on the chest (again: boobs)should go. That's why i ended up with this um... shiny corset looking thing. Otherwise, I was quite pleased over all. She could be more Asian though...

If you look carefully you can still see the construction lines that made up the original right arm which had the Psychic Knife she's so popular for having. I decided it was too busy with both the knife and the "butterfly" thing she does with her psychic powers. That and the arm looked like ass.


A Fortunate Post

Today's hit is Nathan Drake from Uncharted. He's in Uncharted 1 costume, thus the "fortunate" title (Because Uncharted 1 is called "drake's fortune". Get it? Okay I know. you don't care.)

So how do I Rate this drawing? Decent. Honestly it could be any generic guy in a tomb. there's nothing really obvious that makes it stand out as Drake. And what's with the hand holding the shotgun? Count the fingers. Either I was drunk or forgot to erase construction lines. Actually my favorite part of this drawing is the skeletal conquistador leaning on the chest. This pic looks overall much better in person. I guess I went a little too light with the pencil. You can barely see coins in the chest. Or the chest itself. Oh well.


30 Minutes of Returning

Hello all. It's been over a year since I've posted anything on this blog. Why? Don't know. I keep meaning to return to it, and I just never do. Currently, I'm at a standstill in my webcomic. It's nearing it's climax and I'm having troubles with making it happen the way I want. So while I'm in writing block, I wanted to make sure I kept my drawing skills sharp, since normally after a large break I "fall off the wagon" as it were and turn out some crap. So to keep things sharp, I've started this thing again, and linked it to my Facebook account so that I can get some feedback going on. That said, I am also taking SUGGESTIONS with the facebooking. I'm not saying that I'm going to take all of them (to be honest someone's gonna pick something that'll need way more than 30 mins eventually).

To get this ball rolling, Our first drawing is (drumroll please)

Shredder from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles!

Not too bad for a first foray back the thirty minutes arena. There's a few likes and dislikes though. The whole shoulders and helmet I really like. The shine on the helmet never really got incorporated into much else of the drawing past the one shoulder pad. Overall artistically I like the drawing, but proportionately what a mess. The legs are way too small in comparison with the rest of the body. You can also tell by the spikes on them and the fact that there's shading mistakes everywhere I was trying to hurry at the end of the drawing. Also the unfinished shading on the cape pretty much tells you where I was when I ran out of time.

So that's the new start of this blog. Sorry it took so long to do. I've had (and am continuing to have) scanner troubles over the last week. Apparently he version of vista I use doesn't support it. Awesome. Anyway, I'm doing some scanning on my mom's computer in the meantime. a final not though, I HAVE NEVER KEPT THIS BLOG GOING FOR MORE THAN 5 DAYS IN A ROW.

Let's see if I can break that record. See you tomorrow.