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Versus 12 - Mike Haggar

Mayor Mike Haggar from Final Fight. Former pro wrestler turned mayor too. Only in video games can you find stuff like that. Only in video games. Gotta admire a mayor that solves the crime problem... WITH HIS FISTS.


Versus 11 - Thor

And we're back with the versus. But wait. why is this versus 11? Wasn't the last one 9? There is a 10. I just haven't posted it yet. Long story.

ANYWAY. Thor. Yes this isn't my first stab at Thor, but it was Scott's Choice. I'm pretty happy with this one. I removed the winged helmet because to be honest, done that already. So yeah, I'm pleased with it overall.


Special - Mike Dodd Geek Fight Card

This wasn't done in 30 Minutes, NOR was it done on the back of a business card. Or in a battle with Scott. Why is it here then? Because it looks Sweet. And I drew it. Technically that's all I should need. So! What's it for? It's a drawing of Mike The Birdman Dodd, from This week in Geek for the Geek fight card game. Enough links for you in one sentence? Perhaps! So why is the saber of light (don't sue) only half way up the image? Because that portion of it will be cropped off the card. Like so:

So where can you get this wonderful Card? Fanexpo I think. So yes. There you go. New Versus later today.


Serious Business 11 - Cable

Cable is dead. So I drew him. Fun Fact: the yellow around the eye, Highlighter.


Serious Business 10 - Predator

Can you tell what Movie I'm looking forward to? I scanned this one rather than photograph it to see how different it would look. Better or worse?


Serious Business 9 - For the Honour of Helgan

I've always loved the killzone badguys. They just look so awesome. And Evil. Awesomely evil.


Versus 9 - Marshall Law

What we have here... is a failure to communicate.

So I'm gonna let you into the behind the scenes process of how Versus is done. My good pal Scott Hume and I pick a character and then we both draw that character in our own styles. It's timed and it takes approximately 45 minutes for us to do the drawings. We take turns picking the subject of the versus as well. Last week was my choice, so that left this week's choice to Scott. Now Scott and I don't see each other's Drawings until they're finished, Scott usually not seeing mine until I post them here. Well with a world of pop culture with many characters with similar names it was bound to happen. Scott picked "Marshall Law" as this week's topic.

So I drew Marshall Law.

And Scott, he drew Marshall Law.

Two totally different characters with the exact same name. When I opened the e-mail from Scott all I could do was laugh. I wonder what he'll have to say when he sees this.

As for my drawing I'm pretty happy with it. I finished the basic body pretty fast so with the extra time I went back and drew the Dragon background which looks pretty good. I can't really compare it to Scott's though hahaha. Back to my choice. Let's see if I can pick something we'll be on the same page about!


Serious Business 8 - Still Peace Walkin'

Guess what. I Love Metal Gear Solid. Here's some proof as i sketch back to back Snake's for you. This one is done entirely with brush pens. Looks good I say.


Versus 8 - Carnage

Another Day, another Versus. This one is Carnage the ever popular Venom spinoff. I know scott wasn't exactly happy with his, and mine well, I'm not sure how i Feel. to me, it's missing something. What, I don't know, but something about it just doesn't jive with me. Ah well. Can't win em all.


He really should be wearing a helmet

All together now: "FINALLY". This is the first TRUE 30 minutes of Fury to be posted since March. and again, it's another request. The request was "Jesus playing guitar riding a bomb shaped like the cross". Pretty self explanitory. For the most part, no problems. The falling lines did work out exactly as I planned though. Overall, pretty happy with this one.

Versus 7 - Darth Maul

And it's another Versus! Today's topic Darth Maul. I liked how this one turned out but again, it comes down to timing for this one. The face and the tattoos was what took up the most time I think. I had skteched out the other arm and the rest of te lightsaber. One thing I have now added to my artistic arsenal is a new pen that allows me to draw white lines. Pretty much all the white on the black suit was done with it, and I love how it looks. Expect me to use it a lot in the future.


Serious Business 7 - Peace Walkin'

Well I hated this one. The greyscale attempt blew. Boo urns.



Versus 6 - Galactus

WOW! Was this one ever a challenge. It was my choice too. There's a damn good reason there's not colour in this one, and it boils down to detail and time. There's so much to Galactus I just didn't have a chance to even try to colour it. Also, there was supposed to be stars on the black, it wasn't supposed to be just a solid black bg. That big white empty space was supposed to contain a clenched Galactus fist. Once again, Time. Keep in mind these are timd battles, 45minutes for both of us. Scott had it right to include as little detail as possible on his helmet.

And finally Scott also has a new blog where he posts his other stuff. You can find that here.


Serious Business 5 - Deadpool

Oh look it's the Merc with a mouth. Good times.And he's in full colour! Glorious!


Serious Business 4 - Aquagirl

This one's for you Blanchard. It's Aquagirl from Batman Beyond.


Serious Business 3 - Kratos

Well I beat God of War one today in the God of War Collection. I beat it years ago when it first came out as well. I was all psyched to draw Kratos afterwards. So I did.


Serious Business 2 - Rainy Mike 2K10

Kind of a play on my old "mike in the rain" image from the comic. It was pissing down when I drew this. thus the inspiration.


Versus - 5 - Judge Dredd


*Ahem* Sorry bout that... I was channeling the Stallone movie there. Anyway another battle has been waged between myself and Scott, and this time it was over Judge Dredd from the 2000 a.d. Comic. I really liked this one I must say. Even the colours look decent ooutsife of a few mistakes I made on the helmet. Something I missed in my drawing that Scott's has is the lightning bolt pattern of the shine. It shows up in every picture I used for reference so I don't know how I missed it. But whatever. Otherwise it's a good pic. Just ignore that I got lazy and made the gun solid black out of laz... That is to say, out of lack of timing.

Serious Business 1 - Wolverine

So I've decided to start doing this new thing. I have a huge pile of old business cards I can't use so i've decided to start drawing on the back of them. It doesn't take particularly long to do. For example, this quick Wolverine close up took five minutes to throw together:

I can bust these out in good time between the versus battles with Scott and regular 30 minutes of Fury entries. Also I can do whatever on them, it doesn't even need to be a person. Because it's such a small size i can experiment without major difficulty. So look for more Serious Business uploads soon! (other stuff is coming too. Like a new versus very soon)


Versus - 4 - War Machine

Before you get started I am WELL aware that this is not the second request that was sent my way when I had started doing requests. Sorry. Those are still coming. In the meantime, heres' a new "versus between myself and My good buddy Scott. I tried to inject some colour into mine and I feel it's weaker for it. There's a reason I colour on the computer. This is it. More to come soon.


And we're back... with a twist...

Long time no see! It's been a while since I've updated this blog. I was going at quite a kick for a while there but I took some time off the blog to focus on my comic. I'm not done with the comic, far from it in fact, but I had a hankering to do something besides Mike, Hannah, and the rest of the crew. So I turn to you fair reader for ideas. 30 minutes of Fury is now all request. I'll post when I find the time. I'll be the final judge of whether I want to draw something or not. In other words requests like "draw a giant cock monster" probably won't be honoured. Not to say I'm a prude or anything. Just be reasonable. Today's request is such an example.

"A unicorn making love to a Keebler elf"

Since it's not the most work safe image I've hidden it. All you need to do is click here to see it. I had a lot of trouble with the Keebler Elf's face for some reason. Surprisingly the Unicorn was relatively easy which was nice since usually horses are not something I draw well. And before you give me shit about the Unicorn's position, eff off. It's a drawing of a unicorn having sex with a corporate logo. I think I'm allowed to take liberties.

Also just a note when requesting stuff in the future. Just things like "spider-man" or things like that are okay. and uh keep it to something I can draw in half an hour too. I mean like "robot t-rexes fighting an army of sailors with pom poms" or something like that may sound cool, but realistically I'm not gonna be able to pull that off. Just saying.


The Game Heroes

Watch right at the end. Watch the rest of it too. :) This made my day.