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Ass. Ass. In.

Okay that was mature :P Anyway, today's pic is Altair from Assassin's Creed. Oveall I like it, but i think the head's a little too big. It might be the hood. Otherwise I like it okay. The Hidden blade should be a little bigger I think. Also the waist belt has a lot more detail it really needs. I think I've learned by now detail and time limits don't mix.


Resistance is over nine thousaaaaaaaaaaaaaand!

By Request, Vegeta from Dragonball Z if he were a Borg from Star Trek. I had to take some creative liberties with the borg design. Borg from what I can ascertain are all bald. Well Vegeta's most distinguihing feature is his hair. So I kind of had to include that. I also put some pieces of Sayian Armour in there. Make it more patch worky. Once again the major problem with tis drawing is the fist. Hands I will vanquish you yet...


It's not the Food Pyramid

Pyramid Head from Silent Hill 2, or everything because since he's a popular character they like to shoehorn him into everything despite him not fitting in with that particular story. Anyways the drawing. espite it not being done I quite like where it's going. I may have to part 2 it. Actually I don't have any complaints on this one. What in the hell!


X Marks the Spot

It's X! Specifically Megaman X! I don't know why the mood hit me to draw Mega man X but it did. Anyways! I think the mega buster arm is a little too short. Other than that it's not too bad. So whee!

Oh, And now that my Scanner works on my computer again I've gone back and scanned a lot of those photo quality pics I was posting a while back. Worth a retred if you want to see some details you couldn't see before.

Shao Kahn
Devil Kazuya
Kazuya Mishima
Eileen Galvin
Alisa Boskonavich


If I make it to Number one, will you do it with me?

Travis Touchdown from No More Heroes. He is missing a hand it seems, but hey, ran out of time and all that. I should have made a more interesting pose, but I was mor focused on making sure the face looked right. I was actualy really happy with how that ended up looking. I'll keep that in mind for next time, pose frst, then face.


Status: Awesome

Yes it's been a while since I posted. Why? Well I was pretty sick for a while and while sick, I was trying to rest as much as I could to get better as quickly as possible. I wanted to be well for my vacation to the Bahamas. Which I got back from Yesterday actually. So 'm back at it. First up! Scott Pilgrim! AWESOME! My first complaint right off the bat is he background. I should have known better than to attempt the bg that was just lines without a ruler. Looks TERRIBLE. Scott Himself I'm a little confused by. I want to like it more than I do. There's just something that offputs it for me. It's between the Hands and the foreshortening. Oh well.



Ah Cobra Commander. any different variations of this character, but I decided to go with my favorite, Ultimate evil version. Badass. Anyways what to say about the drawing? well the fact that the i made the mistake of going with the all black shiny version i didn't accomplish a whole lot of work on the character. himself because I spent more time markering him up. Possibly a part two is needed.


Dead or Alive you're coming with me

I love Robocop. I try all the time to sneak him into conversation at random. I don't know why I love Robocop, but I do. The design is awesome too. So bam! Here's Robocop. There I didn't finish this quite obviously There's an entire arm and gun missing from the pic. perhaps a part 2? we'll see. overall, I like this pic. the only thing wrong is that it ain't finished.


You wouldn't Like me when I'm slightly irritated

Hulk, but an odd looking Hulk. First off, Giant fist. Terrible. Hulk looks more ape like than I'd have liked. That happens though depending on the artist. His lips are a little big and he has a whole bit of mop top going on. I should have tried the movie version with longer hair. Too bad. Hey look! It's scanned and not a crappy photo!


Kinda Fail

This is a terrible picture I know so you can't tell exactly. Sorry, it's a webcam thing. So this one has a case of time limit running out. I was drawing Alisa From Tekken 6 and I screwed up her face and whited out the eye and mouth. Then the timer went off. So we have this masterpiece. Huzzah. Screw it. Looks like shit. she looks half asleep anyway.


Souls! Come unto me!

Ah Nightmare. easily my favorite Soul Calibur Fighter. But not the easiest to draw that's for sure. One of those occasions where I just ran out of time. i'd love to have done the huge monster arm. started it. No finish. Also this version of the character has a very intricate design on the helm I didn't even touch. Maybe a part two? We'll see. First I will needoee more souls...


Lazy Days

Lazy. I did a headshot of a character with very little visual features and mostly black. Is it well done? Yeah. But lazy? Oh yea, I can admit it.


Silence is Golden

Eileen Galvin from Silent Hill 4. If by chance you think Eileen here looks familiar she should. Eileen was the inspiration for the look of Hannah back in her earlier appearances. I actually made Hannah's Middle name "Eileen" in honor of this inspiration. So how did I attempt to change Eileen up so that I wasn't just drawing Hannah a characte I draw all the time? well, Eileen has these light green eyes which I tried to emphasize. The lightness anyway, not the green. Eileen shows up in the story in this dress because she was on the way to a party when she got sucked into the silent hill world. I tried to make her a little worse for wear like she'd been there a while. There's something not quite right with the proportions though. Either the head's too large, or the torso needs to be a little longer. Or maybe both.



Sabretooth of le X-men. It's okay I guess. The mouth is off a bit which kind of ruins it for me. Also, the hair on his back (mane?) could be better. looks more like he's on fire.



And I'm back. Yes I missed TWO Days in a row there. Nice job me. Too bad. What can I say, sometimes life gets in the way. So here's your pic. It's a Sentinel! Yay! Easily the best Sentinel I've ever drawn. Put a lot of work into the head making it just right. I wanted to make scratches and paint chips on it but I just ran out of time. Ah well.


Better Business

In Almost a sequel to yesterdays pic, here is regular Kazuya. Once again, no time to scan, but this pic was taken with my blackberry so looks even worse. I'll get some scans in there eventually. Again, limited time, so no commentary. Overall, not too bad.



Devil Kazuya from Tekken. No time for commentary tonight. Overall, happy with this



After yesterday's travesty this one turned out pretty good. It's Ryu from Street Fighter. ZOMG. It's okay. Light years above yesterday but overall okay. His fist is too big though... ah well.


Epic Fail.

Wow. This sucks so hard. This was supposed to be Vega from Street Fighter. Where to begin with what's wrong with this? Well, let's start where I started. The head. Mask blows. The eyeholes look like crappy triangles. The hair makes the head look to big you know what screw going over the entire thing. It's all bad. Terrible. Worst thing I've posted on this blog, let's move on.


Finish Him!

Shao khan from Mortal Kombat. didn't have time to scan it so you get a photo. It's not too bad. Could have used more detail but I ran out of time. That does happen from time to time. What can I say about what I was able to do? The muscles are a little meh. Maybe if I had drawn more past the biceps the proportions might've made A little more sense. Once I was able to get the mask right that accomplished a lot. Yay!


Uncharted Week! pt 5

Nathan Drake, take 2. Much better attempt than the previous clearly. The face actually isn't a bad likeness at all too the character. I wanted to spend a lot of time on the the face since I didn't quite get it right last time. His eyes may be a touch to big. Overall, I like this pic.


Uncharted Week! pt 4

Chloe Frazer from Uncharted 2. Mixed fellings about this one. In the game she has unnaturally light eyes for someone with skin and hair as dark as hers. I think I got that to translate here which probably is why something about this drawing irks me. It's almost unsettling. Proportions are fine. Despite the laziness of the gun the left hand looks fine. Right hand is ugh. I dunno. I can't say if I like it or hate it. It's just kind of there. Maybe because yesterday was so awesome.


Uncharted Week! pt 3

The villain of Uncharted 2. Named... um... let me go google that guy. Zoran Lazarević. There we go. Like I'd ever be able to pull that off. Anyway, The dude has a very badly scarred (or burned, it's never explained) I think it came off very well in the drawing. Even in the way there's only a partial eyebrow. Rather than do the black box thing I tried to do something a little different and draw like... Aztecish things. Using my whiteout pen I did that, and well... mixed results. It would look great if the pen hadn't oozed crappily or clogged up. I need better materials. Ah well.


Uncharted Week! pt 2

Victor Sullivan, or Sully, depending on who you talk to. This turned out very clean I think. Clean as in it doesn't look like there's anything I screwed up. Cigar chompin' Sully at his finest.


Uncharted Week! pt 1

God do I love Uncharted 2. It's so well written and the characters are so likable that I just had to hit a character from it. I couldn't decide who though. I had a request for Nathan Drake, but I just did him recently. While that drawing was okay, I was more happy with the skeleton in the background than with Drake himself. So as I was going throughout the list of characters I couldn't tell who I wanted to do more. So Screw it! I'm gonna do them all.
First up, Elena Fisher. One of the few returning characters from the first this is her in her journalist outfit from the second game. Overall, it's not bad. But there's something wrong with the face. The eyes are a little too far apart or the nose is too stubby. One or the the other. Or both even. I also screwed up the one hand that did get inked a bit. But unless you're new to seeing these things you know hands aren't my forte. But this is. Okay that was lame.


My Little War Torn Pony

Another by request topic. I don't know what to say about this one. It accomplishes exactly what it set out to do. It's a My little pony dressed up like Rambo. Mission accomplished.


VERSUS - 3 - Adam Strange

Another Versus between myself and Mr. Scott Hume. This one was is choice, Adam Strange. I admit I wasn't 100% familiar with the character. I knew he was a DC character and he was like he "space opera" guy. There's a lot of different versions of him, and I went with one of the more modern takes. Not bad. I Got a good chunk of use out of my White out pen on the star field. I actually like that most of all. I tried to add this shine to his costume that I don't think I accomplished very well. Also, my jetpack flames suck balls. I ran out of room on the bottom of the page, and rather than do the smart thing and just kind of let his legs trail off into space I drew them there. All stubby like. Nice job me.


A Cold One

Arthas, the Lich King from World of Warcraft (per James' Request). The Helmet came out pretty good. The rest of it is pretty meh. I should have known though. Drawing something in half an hour that's as detailed as this. So I'm missing a couple of skulls. Like 12. It's not too bad. but It could have had more. Still. Helmet = Coolness.


I Am Iron Man

While not badly drawn at all It's a very boring pose. There's a few mistakes if you look at it. Like part of the face isn't symmetrical at all. Also, the thin lines on the chest plate were crapped up. I was trying to draw them thin, and I just ended up having to draw over it more than once. Once again, the black cube. Makes it pop I'm telling you. Murder on the Sharpies though :P



Pretty pleased with this Victor Von Doom. My only really problem I have with it is I put too much shadow on the bottom of the Jaw. He has kind of a Ventriloquist dummy thing going for him. I did that box thing in the back. It seems to make the image pop more I dunno why. I spent a lot of time on te mask. That's why there is only the shoulders and head... of Doom!


God of Bent Hammers

Ah the Mighty Thor. The Hammer. Oh god look at the Hammer. Terrible angle. What was I thinking? Well, I think I know the whole problem with that is My blue lead ran out and I didn't have a chance to draw it before it was inked. That's why it sucked. Boo urns for that. Also, the eyes are a little too large. Otherwise I think the face is fine. I actually tried to mimic this artist's style of face. I can't remember his name though. Otherwise I'm pretty cool with this. Verily.


Calling Officer Emo

Leon From Resident Evil 2. Personally I hate what they did with this character of the years. They made him so emo it's not even funny. His first appearance in RE 2 I still think was the best one. Of course they're putting the emo style Leon into RE2 in RE: Darkside Chronicles. Anyways, that's my Rant. Anyways Onto the the Drawing. Right hand is crap. Gun is crap. and hips seems really wide. Not really planned that way. Ah well. And why is his trigger finger so stumpy?


Starsss Pt 2

BAM! Part 2 Of the Nemesis from Resident Evil 3. Quite happy with this one. The only real problem I have is with the left hand (on your right). It was originally an entirely different hand that looked like shit and I ended up erasing that hand and drawing a new one. While better than the first hand it was rushed and it shows.


Starsss Pt 1

I drew this earlier in the day but I went out immediately after I did it. SO it does count as being on time. ANYWAYS. I'm really tired and sick and want to go to bed. Comments will come with part two tomorrow.


I'll look down and say... No.

Well it was worth a shot. Rorschach from Watchmen this time around. It's enh. Hat looks like crap. I dunno, he stands with his hands in his pockets in the comics and movies, but apparently it doesn't make for an interesting pose. Insert lazy black bg and done.


The Hunt Continues

And we have part two of the Predator. It's not a full on final one, I probably won't do a part 3, but its a lot further along. There's quite a few changes made to it if you really pay attention to the first one. there's some new shading and some new details. The pole's kinda mismatched. I shoulda used a ruler. Something I did add to this was I put in kind of a shade for the skin. Like the Predator has a skin colouring that I added. Or Skribbled on.


Versus - 2 - Soviet Batman

Ah Soviet Batman from Superman Red Son. This one was another Versus with my Buddy Scott. Since I never really explained the first Versus, here's the plan: Scott Hume (site) and I pick a theme and in our own styles pop out a sketch. Whereas I usually just do Black and white, Scott's take is more colorful and has some water color work to it. So It's a nice comparison. There's a few differences to it as well in just the formatics. Since scott works with a lot of wet wet wet things the time limit is upped. This one he actually went 50 minutes on, but on the Goblin we went 45.

Now for art analysis. I wanted to put some colour into this, but I never got out to an art store to buy the necessary tools. Ah well. Not exactly a lot to this on, I figured in 5 minutes I would have had more done but I had to go back at one point and redraw an arm pre-inking. Because of the blue pencil you can't tell, but trust me, I did it. His torso's pretty wide. Maybe I shoulda called him Fatman! ha ha ha lame. Pleased most of all with the face. This Batman is a villain and I think I got the mischeivous grin I was going for.


Hunting Season

Ah the Predator... what a mistake that was to pick for thirty minutes. There was a lot of stuff to get on him. So much detail. This one I'm thinking will take a second try. But since tomorrow will be a special day you'll see part two Thursday. Yay for dreadlocks!


Call me Snake

Snake plissken from Escape from New York. You can see where I was starting to draw a gun but ran out of time. I think the arm should've been a little longer. Or something... It just looks kinda off. The head looks good. Proportions are okay. Though I should have done something more than just solid black for the torso (although it made it quicker to do) likeness wise I'd say I did decently. If I didn't tell you who it was would you know?


Generic X lady

Ah Generic X Lady. I was SO distraught over yesterday's utter destruction of the female form. This was kind of an attempt to fix that. First off, head's too big. I reached a point and I realized I had just drawn a nude girl with no nipples. So I slapped an old school X-men uniform on her. We'll say it's Kitty. The head though, throws the whole thing out of whack. What the hell happened? I was on such a role there.


Fail Crisis

I wasn't exactly that pleased with the head shot Magneto, and I wasn't having the best of luck with headshots since the first Snake a little while back so I went back to a body sho. Wow should I have stuck to head shots. This little number is Regina from Dino Crisis. She's looking up over er shoulder because she was supposed to be looking at a dinosaur I popped in later but eff that. I don't like this at all. I screwed up the hair, I screwed up the eyes, and the posture is atrocious. The complete hand is the only saving grace of this pic since it's not a full on beef meister hand. Fail all around.



I did this in 30 minutes? Hmm. Anyway, the first pic on this blog way back when was of Magneto, and since I've been revisiting things a lot. So not too bad. I spent a lot of time in the sketching department. That's why what YOU see is so little. The blue pencil you don't see there was quite a bit. The helmet shape took a lot time surprisingly. Shading was okay I guess.


A Resident of Evil places

Albert Wekser from Resident Evil. Dunno. It's just kinda there. they eyes are kinda screwy since his eyes glow and I was trying to show that. I just should have left the glasses over the eyes haha. Woulda been way easier.


Fisson Mailed

Wow. In Trying to duplicate yesterday's success I totally failed. Not to say this is a bad drawing. just that it's vastly inferior to the last one. Why did I make the eye patch strap so thick? that's how they modeled it in the pic from the game I used as reference. Oh, who is it? same guy as yesterday, just much much older. Maybe it's just me but It seems like it's too thin of a face. Maybe just me.


Operation Snake Eater

Sorry Nariko. We may have a new winner. This is fantastic. I love this drawing. The only complaint I have is the shoulder's not wide enough. funny how you always see the flaws after the fact, not during. Otherwise, I love this drawing of Naked Snake from the end of MGS3. I almost made him saluting, and I'm glad I didn't. The way I draw hands would've ruined this awesome pic.


Get Wet

Rubi, the main character from the Grindhouse styled video game WET (meaning wet works. outta the gutter kids). Not too bad. My only really problems with this one wold be the lips look... well a little off, and the hair I might've gone overboard on the shine. Also, te lines under the eye kinda make her look older than she's supposed to be I think. Otherwise I'm pretty happy.


The One Free Man

Where's part two of Megalomaniacon Well I misplaced the drawing, so another time for that one i guess. So Gordon Freeman from Half Life. I quite like this one. The only thing I hate was that I had a shower and it dripped down onto the pic. Bottom left. I ran out of time, the suit was going to feature a lot more scratches and stuff which is why the circle around the symbol is kind of distorted. It was supposed to look like it ad flaked off a bit. It probably would've looked a little better of I hadn't put the stubble on, but otherwise quite happy. Eyes and nose look pretty nice.


Now I'm just teasing

Heh. Sorry. Part 2 tomorrow. With full comments