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Es Bueno

Okay TECHNICALLY, this drawing was done Friday. I just didn't have time to post it. So I still haven't missed a day. It just got posted late. Oops. Anyways, what did I post? Bat Hombre. Too much fun to draw, and that was a pretty good arm if I do say so myself. What did I prove though with this drawing? Can't draw parrots worth a shit.

# 0003


Sweet Tooth

Well I think I hit the nail on the head a little more with this one. At least in terms of time management. As you can see I got a much more complete drawing in 30 minutes. The problem this time is its rather light. I'm sure i could have fixed that with photoshop or something, but this was how a straight scan went. Maybe I should not go from roughs to pencil. To ink will obviously show up better, but there's less trial and error. If I screw up there's no fixing it. Maybe I'll try that on a later sketch.



Magneto (Helmetless)

Well, here goes the first entry. What can I say about this one? Other than ugh. Okay it's not so bad, but 30 mins seems like a lot longer than it actually is. So I took my time with the blue pencil construction lines and that only let me finish about this much of the torso. The actual art has legs and everything, but it didn't show in the scan, and you can barely see the arms. Ah well. This is a learning experience after all. I think this is actually the first time I've drawn Magneto without the Helmet. I threw it in there for good measure though. I wuvs that helmet. Hopefully the next sketch will provide a drawing that's a little more... complete...