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The Outrageous Spider-Boy!

Well when I said I was going to focus on characters I never drew before, I meant it. Spider-Boy was a product of the Amalgam Comics Marvel DC crossover. Spider-man and Superboy mashed together into an new ooey gooey character. I almost had the same problem as the last drawing, instead of taking to long with the chain, it was with the web pattern. I thought I might have had even less than last time at one point. Criticism wise, not too bad, though the fingers on the right hand are clearly twice the size of the left's. I'll have to pay more attention to that in the future.



Demon Castle Dracula

Ricther Belmont, of the Dracula slaying Belmonts, specifically from Dracula X and Rondo of blood (Rondo means something musically. What I couldn't tell you.)

The Drawing went well. The thing with it is that I spent WAY too long dinking around with the chain whip. That's why one of the greatest vampire slayers of all time has no legs. So you probably won't see me drawing too many Spawns or Ghost Riders anytime soon. The pose looks very similar to the Bat Hombre posting I did a week ago. Not intentional. Apparently I need to vary my positioning a little more. I don't think this'll be my last attempt at one Richter Belmont...