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"I like Laughing"

Roach from Heavenly Sword. I just beat him in the third chapter of the game and I felt compelled to draw this misunderstood character. Roach has the misfortune of being the mentally slow, deformed offspring of the game's main villian. He's verbally berated and abused throughout the game, and by the end of this chapter You really feel for him. Or at least I did anyway.

In the Drawing I tried to make him sad and wanted the overall feeling to be symphathetic of the character. oops. I just made him look retarded. Nice Job Me. I tried something different this time, doing the entire drawing in pencil, but adding some touches of red via pencil crayon. I think it looks like I just smudged spaghetti sauce over it. It doesn't convey the mood I wanted. It's a very generic dawing of a very fat man. Terrible job all around I think. :(