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He really should be wearing a helmet

All together now: "FINALLY". This is the first TRUE 30 minutes of Fury to be posted since March. and again, it's another request. The request was "Jesus playing guitar riding a bomb shaped like the cross". Pretty self explanitory. For the most part, no problems. The falling lines did work out exactly as I planned though. Overall, pretty happy with this one.

Versus 7 - Darth Maul

And it's another Versus! Today's topic Darth Maul. I liked how this one turned out but again, it comes down to timing for this one. The face and the tattoos was what took up the most time I think. I had skteched out the other arm and the rest of te lightsaber. One thing I have now added to my artistic arsenal is a new pen that allows me to draw white lines. Pretty much all the white on the black suit was done with it, and I love how it looks. Expect me to use it a lot in the future.


Serious Business 7 - Peace Walkin'

Well I hated this one. The greyscale attempt blew. Boo urns.