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"I like Laughing"

Roach from Heavenly Sword. I just beat him in the third chapter of the game and I felt compelled to draw this misunderstood character. Roach has the misfortune of being the mentally slow, deformed offspring of the game's main villian. He's verbally berated and abused throughout the game, and by the end of this chapter You really feel for him. Or at least I did anyway.

In the Drawing I tried to make him sad and wanted the overall feeling to be symphathetic of the character. oops. I just made him look retarded. Nice Job Me. I tried something different this time, doing the entire drawing in pencil, but adding some touches of red via pencil crayon. I think it looks like I just smudged spaghetti sauce over it. It doesn't convey the mood I wanted. It's a very generic dawing of a very fat man. Terrible job all around I think. :(


I like you. That's why I'm going to kill you last.

So apparently I'm drawing Guerrilla Style. In this case, I drew this sketch while my friends ate grilled cheese sandwiches around me on some scrap paper and the first available pencil. Since we were talking about Commando, the group decided I should Draw Matrix, Arnold's Character from Commando. So I did. I couldn't stop saying One liners from the movie while I drew it. Especially "You want to put the knife in me!". Good Times. Not a bad sketch. The eyes worked really well I think.

Now for the negatives. 1) I can't draw hands. This trend continues. 2) What the hell is with his pants? It was like effort stopped there. Ah well. 3)Where's His other nipple? I didn't care but the audience had a major problem with it apparently.


Hail to The King Baby

So quite a change with this one. I didn't do it with Pencil, instead I inked it straight away. This was done out of lack of pencil, but overall it turned out quite nicely. I may try this again for the next entry.

So I present to you Ash of Evil Dead fame. I did this with no reference whatsoever, explains why the chainsaw looks like absolute ass.


The Outrageous Spider-Boy!

Well when I said I was going to focus on characters I never drew before, I meant it. Spider-Boy was a product of the Amalgam Comics Marvel DC crossover. Spider-man and Superboy mashed together into an new ooey gooey character. I almost had the same problem as the last drawing, instead of taking to long with the chain, it was with the web pattern. I thought I might have had even less than last time at one point. Criticism wise, not too bad, though the fingers on the right hand are clearly twice the size of the left's. I'll have to pay more attention to that in the future.



Demon Castle Dracula

Ricther Belmont, of the Dracula slaying Belmonts, specifically from Dracula X and Rondo of blood (Rondo means something musically. What I couldn't tell you.)

The Drawing went well. The thing with it is that I spent WAY too long dinking around with the chain whip. That's why one of the greatest vampire slayers of all time has no legs. So you probably won't see me drawing too many Spawns or Ghost Riders anytime soon. The pose looks very similar to the Bat Hombre posting I did a week ago. Not intentional. Apparently I need to vary my positioning a little more. I don't think this'll be my last attempt at one Richter Belmont...



More than Meets the Fry

Yea I haven't updated in a week. I know. I'm terrible. No excuses.

On to the Drawing!

This is Optimash Prime. The Transformer Mr Potato head. A friend of mine recently gave me one of the real ones. At first I was like "why would I ever want this?" Twenty minutes later and it was the coolest thing I ever owned. It grows on you. Anyway not a bad drawing if I do say so myself. This Picture really needs a background I think. Him firing off his little gun needs something else around it. I was running out of time getting the legs done, so I figured legs were more important than the background.



Es Bueno

Okay TECHNICALLY, this drawing was done Friday. I just didn't have time to post it. So I still haven't missed a day. It just got posted late. Oops. Anyways, what did I post? Bat Hombre. Too much fun to draw, and that was a pretty good arm if I do say so myself. What did I prove though with this drawing? Can't draw parrots worth a shit.

# 0003


Sweet Tooth

Well I think I hit the nail on the head a little more with this one. At least in terms of time management. As you can see I got a much more complete drawing in 30 minutes. The problem this time is its rather light. I'm sure i could have fixed that with photoshop or something, but this was how a straight scan went. Maybe I should not go from roughs to pencil. To ink will obviously show up better, but there's less trial and error. If I screw up there's no fixing it. Maybe I'll try that on a later sketch.



Magneto (Helmetless)

Well, here goes the first entry. What can I say about this one? Other than ugh. Okay it's not so bad, but 30 mins seems like a lot longer than it actually is. So I took my time with the blue pencil construction lines and that only let me finish about this much of the torso. The actual art has legs and everything, but it didn't show in the scan, and you can barely see the arms. Ah well. This is a learning experience after all. I think this is actually the first time I've drawn Magneto without the Helmet. I threw it in there for good measure though. I wuvs that helmet. Hopefully the next sketch will provide a drawing that's a little more... complete...