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Trading Cards 5

Another Day Another card. This time, Pierce. Yup. Look at him. With his little gun there. His right arm looks like it's not attached to his body. Like it floats. Odd.


Trading Cards Part 4

Dave's Trading Card. Dave in front of his office building. It's okay I guess. It doesn't work as well as the other two cards I've done recently. The body proportions seem off. It's odd. I can't put my finger on it. Ah well.


Trading Cards Part 3

Today's Card is the Hannah Card. She is on a bus. Considering that's where she appeared for the first time in the new style, I felt it works as a place to put her on her card, much like the Mike in the Rain idea. The sign at the top says "Robo Cop" for those paying attention. Or if I don't want to be sued? "Hobo Cop."


Trading Cards Part 2

I was inspired to make another "mike" Trading Card. Instead of a headshot, I went with a full body. I'm much happier with this. If there ever was a Mike Trading Card, this would be it. The Classic "in the rain" Mike. I'm so colouring this.



Or Card in this case. I bought these cool little sketch cards at the comic shop. It's nice to have to throw down a nice quick sketch. Like this one. Of Me. Or rather "Comic Mike". I tried to draw a little more realistic. It essentially amounted to smaller eyes on him. Also, he has the neck of a football player. Fack. I might try more of these little card things, with different characters. The Background? Total Cop Out.


We are Twenty five minutesssss

Well I did it again. New Sketch, Venom this image. I'm actually very happy with this sketch. I did away with the brush pen/blue pencil styling of the last few sketches, and I just used a bit of everything. Pen, brush, blue pencil, all that stuff. The sad thing was I ran out of time, since I was drawing on my break at work today. Can't get a full half hour between eating, Setting up my pens and such. I think I may have to continue this drawing tomorrow. I really like it, and want to see the end product. You can kind of see where I was going with the legs if you look at the blue line but doesn't always show up during the scans.


Let's try this again... Bub

New Month, new attempt at keeping things going. First attempt? not so Great. I drew Wolverine, woh I aven't drawn in some time, in a costume I never draw him in, the brown one. I ran out of time, drew this in about 20 mins. I couldn't think of anything to draw, then I drew this. Blue Pencil and Brush pen again. Not too bad, Although I think it suffers from the same problems the last sketch I posted had. To little line variance.


Circa 2005

I was reading through a friend's old comic. I was inspired to draw one of his characters. It looks like I drew the whole thing with a pen that was one thickness only. Hmm. I think my brush pen experiment may be over.


Don't Fear the Ripper

Another day, another 30 minutes of Fury. This time, The Grim Ripper from Guitar Hero gets the fury treatment. With the exception of the left foot, I really like this one. I have no complaints. Actually no wait, that's a crappy looking guitar pick he has there. Oh yes, and that guitar is floating, just like it does in the game. Hooray!


A Return to Form

Since I've started posting again, this is the first true 30 minute sketch I've done. Hooray! I think it turned out pretty well. When I was thinking about what I should draw I had just watched the Metal Gear 20th Anniversary Video. Made me have a hankerin' for some MGS character sketching. I was going to do Snake since it's been so long since I've done him, but looking at the blog thus far, I haven't drawn a single female character, so I put Snake on the hold list for now and threw down on this Meryl in the same brush pen/blue pencil style I've done on the last few.

Her head seems too big now that I look at it. But not because her hair is huge, it's supposed to be huge. It just seems like the face looks big you know? Oh well. It's why I'm doing this, to get better right? Oh, and the gun look ricockulously bad. I had no reference to speak of.


20 Minutes for a God

This one I ended up putting a good 20 minutes into. At first I was going to do 15, but it just didn't do it the justice I wanted, so I tacked on a fiver. It's still less than 30 minutes, so it doesn't matter anyway. I essentially drew the same way I did yesterday, Blue line, then Brush pen. Looks good. Not a Bad hand if I do say so myself. I was actually quite happy with that. Overall I like the drawing. The hat looks kinda crooked. Ah well. Can't win em all.

P.S.: It's Rayden.


More like 10 Minutes of Fury...

Well it's the start of a new year, and I just happened to draw something today. This was the first thing I've put pen to paper in 2008, and you know what? I thought I should post it. Did it take me half an hour to do? No. I think I may start doing 10 minutes then boost it up to 15 then 20, just to get back into the swing of things.

So what is this? It's the Vulnerable Snowman. While at work, someone was talking about the Abominable Snowman, and someone misheard, instead hearing "Vulnerable Snowman." I was asked to draw a sad shell of a snowman. Here he is. In his sadness. For a simple ten minute drawing, I like it. I did it in blue pencil and brush pen. I liked how this worked out, and I may try it again in more drawings. Hooray!

Also note: I clearly put 2007, then realized it was 8. FUN.