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I like you. That's why I'm going to kill you last.

So apparently I'm drawing Guerrilla Style. In this case, I drew this sketch while my friends ate grilled cheese sandwiches around me on some scrap paper and the first available pencil. Since we were talking about Commando, the group decided I should Draw Matrix, Arnold's Character from Commando. So I did. I couldn't stop saying One liners from the movie while I drew it. Especially "You want to put the knife in me!". Good Times. Not a bad sketch. The eyes worked really well I think.

Now for the negatives. 1) I can't draw hands. This trend continues. 2) What the hell is with his pants? It was like effort stopped there. Ah well. 3)Where's His other nipple? I didn't care but the audience had a major problem with it apparently.


Hail to The King Baby

So quite a change with this one. I didn't do it with Pencil, instead I inked it straight away. This was done out of lack of pencil, but overall it turned out quite nicely. I may try this again for the next entry.

So I present to you Ash of Evil Dead fame. I did this with no reference whatsoever, explains why the chainsaw looks like absolute ass.