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Kinda Fail

This is a terrible picture I know so you can't tell exactly. Sorry, it's a webcam thing. So this one has a case of time limit running out. I was drawing Alisa From Tekken 6 and I screwed up her face and whited out the eye and mouth. Then the timer went off. So we have this masterpiece. Huzzah. Screw it. Looks like shit. she looks half asleep anyway.


Souls! Come unto me!

Ah Nightmare. easily my favorite Soul Calibur Fighter. But not the easiest to draw that's for sure. One of those occasions where I just ran out of time. i'd love to have done the huge monster arm. started it. No finish. Also this version of the character has a very intricate design on the helm I didn't even touch. Maybe a part two? We'll see. First I will needoee more souls...


Lazy Days

Lazy. I did a headshot of a character with very little visual features and mostly black. Is it well done? Yeah. But lazy? Oh yea, I can admit it.


Silence is Golden

Eileen Galvin from Silent Hill 4. If by chance you think Eileen here looks familiar she should. Eileen was the inspiration for the look of Hannah back in her earlier appearances. I actually made Hannah's Middle name "Eileen" in honor of this inspiration. So how did I attempt to change Eileen up so that I wasn't just drawing Hannah a characte I draw all the time? well, Eileen has these light green eyes which I tried to emphasize. The lightness anyway, not the green. Eileen shows up in the story in this dress because she was on the way to a party when she got sucked into the silent hill world. I tried to make her a little worse for wear like she'd been there a while. There's something not quite right with the proportions though. Either the head's too large, or the torso needs to be a little longer. Or maybe both.



Sabretooth of le X-men. It's okay I guess. The mouth is off a bit which kind of ruins it for me. Also, the hair on his back (mane?) could be better. looks more like he's on fire.



And I'm back. Yes I missed TWO Days in a row there. Nice job me. Too bad. What can I say, sometimes life gets in the way. So here's your pic. It's a Sentinel! Yay! Easily the best Sentinel I've ever drawn. Put a lot of work into the head making it just right. I wanted to make scratches and paint chips on it but I just ran out of time. Ah well.