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Starsss Pt 1

I drew this earlier in the day but I went out immediately after I did it. SO it does count as being on time. ANYWAYS. I'm really tired and sick and want to go to bed. Comments will come with part two tomorrow.


I'll look down and say... No.

Well it was worth a shot. Rorschach from Watchmen this time around. It's enh. Hat looks like crap. I dunno, he stands with his hands in his pockets in the comics and movies, but apparently it doesn't make for an interesting pose. Insert lazy black bg and done.


The Hunt Continues

And we have part two of the Predator. It's not a full on final one, I probably won't do a part 3, but its a lot further along. There's quite a few changes made to it if you really pay attention to the first one. there's some new shading and some new details. The pole's kinda mismatched. I shoulda used a ruler. Something I did add to this was I put in kind of a shade for the skin. Like the Predator has a skin colouring that I added. Or Skribbled on.


Versus - 2 - Soviet Batman

Ah Soviet Batman from Superman Red Son. This one was another Versus with my Buddy Scott. Since I never really explained the first Versus, here's the plan: Scott Hume (site) and I pick a theme and in our own styles pop out a sketch. Whereas I usually just do Black and white, Scott's take is more colorful and has some water color work to it. So It's a nice comparison. There's a few differences to it as well in just the formatics. Since scott works with a lot of wet wet wet things the time limit is upped. This one he actually went 50 minutes on, but on the Goblin we went 45.

Now for art analysis. I wanted to put some colour into this, but I never got out to an art store to buy the necessary tools. Ah well. Not exactly a lot to this on, I figured in 5 minutes I would have had more done but I had to go back at one point and redraw an arm pre-inking. Because of the blue pencil you can't tell, but trust me, I did it. His torso's pretty wide. Maybe I shoulda called him Fatman! ha ha ha lame. Pleased most of all with the face. This Batman is a villain and I think I got the mischeivous grin I was going for.


Hunting Season

Ah the Predator... what a mistake that was to pick for thirty minutes. There was a lot of stuff to get on him. So much detail. This one I'm thinking will take a second try. But since tomorrow will be a special day you'll see part two Thursday. Yay for dreadlocks!


Call me Snake

Snake plissken from Escape from New York. You can see where I was starting to draw a gun but ran out of time. I think the arm should've been a little longer. Or something... It just looks kinda off. The head looks good. Proportions are okay. Though I should have done something more than just solid black for the torso (although it made it quicker to do) likeness wise I'd say I did decently. If I didn't tell you who it was would you know?


Generic X lady

Ah Generic X Lady. I was SO distraught over yesterday's utter destruction of the female form. This was kind of an attempt to fix that. First off, head's too big. I reached a point and I realized I had just drawn a nude girl with no nipples. So I slapped an old school X-men uniform on her. We'll say it's Kitty. The head though, throws the whole thing out of whack. What the hell happened? I was on such a role there.