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Comes the Apocalypse again!

And part 2! I actually did this in 25 minutes. The drawing was done. To go for another 5 minutes was pointless. Something about the legs is wrong. I think the Right knee needs to be higher with a different kind of foreshortening on it. Or like, Better foreshortening in general.


Comes the Apocalypse

WOW! Last minute eh? Well we made it just under the wire! But I'm tired and want to go to bed now. Honestly this one I took my time with, and barely did anything. I'm thinking I should part 2 this one


Herr Captain my herr captain

Not often do I get to bust out the swastika in a sketch but there it is. The whole point of this drawing was more a light study than the importance of any actual drawing. I was going to do a face, but figured that might be too hard. So I figured a skull would be much easier. Less details to work around. This was actually going to be Ghost rider at first, but I thought about it and well, it's not easy to do a light study on the skull when the skull itself is the light source. Thus it became the Red Skull from Captain America comics. It seems okay to me. the drawing which was completed in about ten minutes is actually not too bad at all but the shadows which were the point took up the remaining 20. I dunno. Without a photo of a skull shaded from the same direction I don't really know how accurate this was. Hmmm


By the Gods

Kratos! The God of War from the game of the same name. I actually was very happy with this one. Face is nice.good line weight on it and had I finished the arm (I didn't even attempt as i knew i was about to run out of time)



Lunchbox? No way! Yes way! Character wise, yes this looks like Silent Bob, likeness wise? not really. But then Kevin Smith is pretty easy to draw. Beard plus hat, plus stocky guy. done. Hands are pretty meaty though. I also used the dying marker again. And there was a mistake I made with the eyes. Originally there was a shine to the eyes. I screwed up the comparative sizes and one was too big. as I tried to fix it I just kept making it worse. Eventually there was no shine, and I was left with a Silent bob from "Uncanny Valley" (look it up).


By the power of Greyskull!

Actually that Title makes me think more of He-Man than Skeletor, but what the hey, it works. Once again you can see I had the same "marker running out of life" problem I had with Darth Vader, but what the hey, it works for the background. I went for more of the recent relaunch style of Skeletor than classic 80s style, but it works regardless. I spent too much time doing the background shading. there's a lot of shading I wanted to do on the cape and chest and just plain ran outta time.

And in case you were counting, Skeletor has a weird number of teeth. I didn't even try to do it right. Meh.


All too Easy

Today's Pic, Darth Vader! Now something that was different about this one was I tried to draw it with ZERO visual reference. How did I do? Judge for yourself. Personally, I 'd say not too bad all things considering. There's some weirdness in the mask but it doesn't kill the drawing. you can still tell who it is. Once again I took a character who's all black and that was again a mistake. As you can see I tried to use a grey marker to do the shading which would've been a good idea if not for three things. One, It's too light a grey. Two, the marker was dying. Three, I was just about out of time when I started doing that. So now I have this big oddly grey headed Vader. Oh well. Not a bad effort.