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Now I'm just teasing

Heh. Sorry. Part 2 tomorrow. With full comments


He's got the Cure

I don't know if you can classify this one as a repeat or not? I've done Venom before, but this, this is Anti Venom, or "White Venom" as someone called him in a comic one. Anti Venom is Eddie Brock (my favorite Venom) with a different, self produced healing symbiote. The way it's explained in the comic works better than how I just made it sound. Trust me. Onto the Drawing! Not too bad. The Face looks bad ass, but otherwise it's just a generic muscle guy. The hand was added last, and it's obvious. I had three minutes left. I just should have doodles in the background.



Wow. All I can say is I am very very happy with this. This may actually be my favorite drawing since I started 30MOF. Not the first time I've taken a crack at a character from the game Heavenly Sword, but this Nariko has a MUCH better result than the last one. I really like this drawing. My only real regret was that I wasn't able to do some of the ornate designs on the metal armor parts. I didn't really have time. No hands was actually a decision I made along the way. I was so happy with how the rest of the drawing was I didn't want to screw it up with those meat hooks I usually drop on my characters intentionally. I was going to draw the sword in the picture too, but didn't include it for the reason I didn't do the detailing on the metal. and hey, lips look good on this one too! All and all, VERY happy. Drawings like this one actually drive me onwards! LET'S KEEP GOING!


It's Not Vengence...

Ah the Punisher. I will admit I used some visual reference from the box of the new punisher film's DVD case for the lighting on the face, but hey, It looks okay. An earlier verson actually had a bit of the eyes poking through the darkness which you can see very easily if you go to the zoom. In the end I just decided to go all shaded. It looked... well... off. Had I not ran out of time there'd have been a lot more shading on the rest of the body. But I did, so there's not. Otherwise not too bad I think.


Prehistoric Turtlesaurus part 2

So I did a part two. Like the last Part 2 I did, it wasn't a full 30 minutes. I did closer to 27 minutes, but who's counting? So you can see I added quite a bit. THe Claw turned out pretty good, but I made the hand too long I guess. like it look unnaturally long. Even for a mutant turtle. No that it's done it looks like the shoulders are a little too large. The slashes in the background were kind of a last minute addition, but since I had the time to do the shading they fit and seem less like a throw away bit.


Prehistoric Turtlesaurus

I love Turtles in Time. I remember playing in arcades and loving it and I remember renting it years ago on Super Nintendo when I was younger. And when I went on my old school gaming craze a while back I had a copy of it shipped from Texas. You can see, I love that game. So when the HD remake hit PS3 like two weeks ago, I hit it up like crazy. But there was some changes from what I played on the Super Nintendo. Like the omission of my favorite boss, Slash the evil ninja turtle! In tribute I drew him here. I'm gonna part two this one because really, I did a head and shoulder in thirty minutes. There's of course the rest of the drawing which you can't see of course because of the blue pencil. But there was a lot of care put into it. that's why it took so long. Like I said, expect a part 2.

Also, i did some research later and found out, the HD remake mirrors the arcade version. The level I love that's gone and the boss I love thats gone? Only in the Super NES version. Weird.


The Master of Unlocking

Ah Jill Valentine from Resident Evil one. I always loved that character and that design. Dunno why. I always played Jill whilst I played RE1 sooooo kabam! Drawing. I ran out of time at the end so there's no right arm past the elbow. Also, I didn't finish the pants, but there was only like another inch of leg not there. I tried to do the lipstick thing again, but it didn't work out very well. Thus if you look, no lipstick, but if you look at the blue pencil it's kinda there. Overall. Very happy with this one. even without the arm.