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Resistance is over nine thousaaaaaaaaaaaaaand!

By Request, Vegeta from Dragonball Z if he were a Borg from Star Trek. I had to take some creative liberties with the borg design. Borg from what I can ascertain are all bald. Well Vegeta's most distinguihing feature is his hair. So I kind of had to include that. I also put some pieces of Sayian Armour in there. Make it more patch worky. Once again the major problem with tis drawing is the fist. Hands I will vanquish you yet...


It's not the Food Pyramid

Pyramid Head from Silent Hill 2, or everything because since he's a popular character they like to shoehorn him into everything despite him not fitting in with that particular story. Anyways the drawing. espite it not being done I quite like where it's going. I may have to part 2 it. Actually I don't have any complaints on this one. What in the hell!


X Marks the Spot

It's X! Specifically Megaman X! I don't know why the mood hit me to draw Mega man X but it did. Anyways! I think the mega buster arm is a little too short. Other than that it's not too bad. So whee!

Oh, And now that my Scanner works on my computer again I've gone back and scanned a lot of those photo quality pics I was posting a while back. Worth a retred if you want to see some details you couldn't see before.

Shao Kahn
Devil Kazuya
Kazuya Mishima
Eileen Galvin
Alisa Boskonavich


If I make it to Number one, will you do it with me?

Travis Touchdown from No More Heroes. He is missing a hand it seems, but hey, ran out of time and all that. I should have made a more interesting pose, but I was mor focused on making sure the face looked right. I was actualy really happy with how that ended up looking. I'll keep that in mind for next time, pose frst, then face.


Status: Awesome

Yes it's been a while since I posted. Why? Well I was pretty sick for a while and while sick, I was trying to rest as much as I could to get better as quickly as possible. I wanted to be well for my vacation to the Bahamas. Which I got back from Yesterday actually. So 'm back at it. First up! Scott Pilgrim! AWESOME! My first complaint right off the bat is he background. I should have known better than to attempt the bg that was just lines without a ruler. Looks TERRIBLE. Scott Himself I'm a little confused by. I want to like it more than I do. There's just something that offputs it for me. It's between the Hands and the foreshortening. Oh well.