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Trading Cards 5

Another Day Another card. This time, Pierce. Yup. Look at him. With his little gun there. His right arm looks like it's not attached to his body. Like it floats. Odd.


Trading Cards Part 4

Dave's Trading Card. Dave in front of his office building. It's okay I guess. It doesn't work as well as the other two cards I've done recently. The body proportions seem off. It's odd. I can't put my finger on it. Ah well.


Trading Cards Part 3

Today's Card is the Hannah Card. She is on a bus. Considering that's where she appeared for the first time in the new style, I felt it works as a place to put her on her card, much like the Mike in the Rain idea. The sign at the top says "Robo Cop" for those paying attention. Or if I don't want to be sued? "Hobo Cop."


Trading Cards Part 2

I was inspired to make another "mike" Trading Card. Instead of a headshot, I went with a full body. I'm much happier with this. If there ever was a Mike Trading Card, this would be it. The Classic "in the rain" Mike. I'm so colouring this.



Or Card in this case. I bought these cool little sketch cards at the comic shop. It's nice to have to throw down a nice quick sketch. Like this one. Of Me. Or rather "Comic Mike". I tried to draw a little more realistic. It essentially amounted to smaller eyes on him. Also, he has the neck of a football player. Fack. I might try more of these little card things, with different characters. The Background? Total Cop Out.