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Fail Crisis

I wasn't exactly that pleased with the head shot Magneto, and I wasn't having the best of luck with headshots since the first Snake a little while back so I went back to a body sho. Wow should I have stuck to head shots. This little number is Regina from Dino Crisis. She's looking up over er shoulder because she was supposed to be looking at a dinosaur I popped in later but eff that. I don't like this at all. I screwed up the hair, I screwed up the eyes, and the posture is atrocious. The complete hand is the only saving grace of this pic since it's not a full on beef meister hand. Fail all around.



I did this in 30 minutes? Hmm. Anyway, the first pic on this blog way back when was of Magneto, and since I've been revisiting things a lot. So not too bad. I spent a lot of time in the sketching department. That's why what YOU see is so little. The blue pencil you don't see there was quite a bit. The helmet shape took a lot time surprisingly. Shading was okay I guess.


A Resident of Evil places

Albert Wekser from Resident Evil. Dunno. It's just kinda there. they eyes are kinda screwy since his eyes glow and I was trying to show that. I just should have left the glasses over the eyes haha. Woulda been way easier.


Fisson Mailed

Wow. In Trying to duplicate yesterday's success I totally failed. Not to say this is a bad drawing. just that it's vastly inferior to the last one. Why did I make the eye patch strap so thick? that's how they modeled it in the pic from the game I used as reference. Oh, who is it? same guy as yesterday, just much much older. Maybe it's just me but It seems like it's too thin of a face. Maybe just me.


Operation Snake Eater

Sorry Nariko. We may have a new winner. This is fantastic. I love this drawing. The only complaint I have is the shoulder's not wide enough. funny how you always see the flaws after the fact, not during. Otherwise, I love this drawing of Naked Snake from the end of MGS3. I almost made him saluting, and I'm glad I didn't. The way I draw hands would've ruined this awesome pic.


Get Wet

Rubi, the main character from the Grindhouse styled video game WET (meaning wet works. outta the gutter kids). Not too bad. My only really problems with this one wold be the lips look... well a little off, and the hair I might've gone overboard on the shine. Also, te lines under the eye kinda make her look older than she's supposed to be I think. Otherwise I'm pretty happy.


The One Free Man

Where's part two of Megalomaniacon Well I misplaced the drawing, so another time for that one i guess. So Gordon Freeman from Half Life. I quite like this one. The only thing I hate was that I had a shower and it dripped down onto the pic. Bottom left. I ran out of time, the suit was going to feature a lot more scratches and stuff which is why the circle around the symbol is kind of distorted. It was supposed to look like it ad flaked off a bit. It probably would've looked a little better of I hadn't put the stubble on, but otherwise quite happy. Eyes and nose look pretty nice.